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Our experience includes some of the most relevant renewable energy projects worldwide, among which are:

  • El Romero Solar PV Plant

    El Romero Solar PV Plant

    Country: Chile, South America

    Capacity: 247 MWp

    Services: PV module manufacturing inspection, testing before and after the installation and supervision of structure assembly. PV module degradation control tests and pyranometer calibration.

    Clients: Acciona Energía Chile

    Enertis carried out quality inspections during the PV module manufacturing process, auditing the manufacturing lines; supervising the process and verifying the traceability of the materials; carrying out tests in its independent laboratory and electroluminescence and visual inspections upon the delivery of the modules for batch validation. Enertis also supervised the assembly process and completed the work by performing thermography, visual inspections and night-time electroluminescence tests on the installed PV modules. During the operation phase, Enertis is carrying out modules degradation measurements and solar pyranometers calibrations.

  • Creek Portfolio

    Creek Portfolio

    Country: US

    Capacity: Over 280MW PV, with approx 400 MWh of Energy Storage, in total

    Services: Owner's Engineering

    Clients: Carolina Solar Energy

    This portfolio is composed of five PV Projects, featuring 50-60 MW PV per site and an average of 100MWh of long-duration Energy Storage (ESS) at 4 of the total sites. Enertis Solar is grateful to work as Owner’s Engineer, while Carolina Solar Energy and the project entities successfully developed and advanced this portfolio. Interconnection Applications (IA) were completed and approved by the affected utilities for PV + ESS operation at all 5 locations. Enertis worked closely with Carolina Solar Energy Commercial and Engineering professionals to establish the Basis of Design documents, engineering, PV+ESS energy modeling, and provide other support and advising to the projects.

  • Slate Project

    Country: California, US

    Capacity: 300 MWac solar + 140.25 MW / 561 MWh storage

    Services: Independent Engineering for PV System

    Clients: Confidential

    Enertis acted as Independent Engineer in the Slate project, which is located in Kings County, California. It is expected to be one of the largest projects in the U.S. In January of 2021, Recurrent Energy completed the sale of the Slate Project to Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC.

  • Puerto Libertad PV Plant

    Country: Mexico, Central America

    Capacity: 404 MWp

    Services: Quality inspections during manufacturing and commissioning

    Clients: Acciona Energía

    Enertis provided its modules’ quality control services across different stages of the Puerto Libertad PV project. The firm performed quality control inspections during the manufacturing of more than 1.200.000 PV modules and during the commissioning phase of the PV plant.

  • Energy Center

    Country: US

    Capacity: 2000 kVA to 120MVA per project (with storage)

    Services: Owner's Engineering

    Clients: ESS Inc

    Enertis works closely with the Commercial and Engineering teams at ESS, Inc., helping to establish system solutions and project designs, providing advanced ESS energy modeling, and helping ESSI establish relations with qualified contractors for delivery of the revolutionary flow technology. Project capacities are 2000 kVA to 120MVA per project – with 10-hours of energy storage duration each.  ESSI’s proprietary, water-based iron process delivered in self-contained containerized units or large, custom sites at customer locations. The designs and documents created during the course of the team's work help in communicating technical details and requirements to potential customers who may be interested in utilizing the new and revolutionary technology offered by ESS, Inc and are establishing standards and best practices for delivery and construction of this critical, long-duration ESS resource.

  • Portfolio of Elawan Energy's PV projects

    Country: Spain

    Capacity: 50 MWp each plant, with a total capacity of 250 MWp

    Services: Technical due diligence for project financing

    Clients: Elawan Energy

    Enertis acted as Lender’s Technical Advisor (LTA) to Banco Sabadell, Bankia, Abanca, and Banco Pichincha Spain in the financing of five Elawan Energy solar PV plants located in Spain, in Castilla-La Mancha region. The total amount of the structured loan for the five projects is approximately 92 million euros. Enertis carried out the technical Due Diligence for the five plants, reviewing the projects in accordance with the Equator Principles and the loan in accordance with the Green Loan Principles (GLP). Enertis will continue to advise the financial institutions in the construction, commissioning, and operation phases.

  • Sol del Desierto Project

    Country: Chile, South America

    Capacity: 244 MWp

    Services: Technical due diligence for project financing

    Clients: Atlas Renewable Energy

    Enertis carried out a technical due diligence for the financing of the Sol del Desierto PV plant. Moreover, the firm also carried out in situ albedo measurements to validate the inputs of the production study. During the construction phase, Enertis is supervising the works on behalf of the financial institutions and it will follow up during the operation phase.

  • Tastiota PV Plant

    Country: Mexico, Central America

    Capacity: 126 MWp

    Services: Technical due diligence for project financing

    Clients: Canadian Solar / SMBC

    Enertis acted as Technical Advisor for Canadian Solar Inc and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) in the US$93 million non-recourse financing of the 126 MWp Tastiota solar PV project. The plant, located in the state of Sonora, Mexico, is one of the first utility-scale projects in Mexico under project finance to use bifacial PV modules.

  • Amin PV Plant

    Country: Oman, Middle East

    Capacity: 105 MW

    Services: Quality control, owner's engineering

    Clients: Marubeni

    Enertis acted as Owner's Engineer for the 105 MW Amin solar photovoltaic (PV) plant located in the Sultanate of Oman. The project is so far one of the biggest solar parks in the Middle East to use bifacial photovoltaic modules, which can withstand the desert temperature fluctuations, and, with the signing of a 23-year power purchase agreement (PPA), it is one of the world’s first utility-scale PV project to have an oil and gas company, Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO), as the sole wholesale buyer of energy. Enertis has also carried out Final Acceptance Test (FAT) related services during the production of bifacial PV modules in China, as a first-class factory inspection and testing company in Asia, leading and monitoring every technical-related aspect, with a special focus on the approval of the detail design for the project. Also, Enertis has deployed an experienced on-site team to supervise the construction activities, ensure the compliance of the contractual obligations and verify the quality of the works.

  • Cauchari Solar I, II, III project

    Country: Jujuy province, Argentina, South America

    Capacity: 315,83 MWp

    Services: Owner's Engineering

    Clients: Jemse

    Enertis acted as Owner's Engineer for this peculiar project located at 4000 mt in the Jujuy province, in Argentina.

  • Portfolio of PV projects in Ukraine

    Country: Ukraine, Europe

    Capacity: 230 MW

    Services: Technical due diligence for the potential acquisition of the PV project portfolio

    Clients: Confidential

    Enertis carried out a technical due diligence for the potential acquisition of a portfolio of PV projects in Ukraine. So far, this operation represents one of the biggest financial transactions in the country.

  • Portfolio of PV projects in Australia

    Country: Australia, Oceania

    Capacity: 75 MWp

    Services: Quality control and testing

    Clients: Confidential

    Enertis carried out quality control inspections for a portfolio of PV projects located in Queensland and New South Wales.

  • Portfolio of PV projects in the UK

    Country: UK, Europe

    Capacity: 365 MW

    Services: Independent technical advisor

    Clients: Santander, RBS and 9 other banks

    Enertis acted as independent technical advisor to a pool of 11 banks for the refinancing of a portfolio of 24 PV plants located in the UK.

  • Celsia Solar Bolívar PV project

    Country: Colombia, South America

    Capacity: 8,06 MWac

    Services: Owner's Engineering

    Clients: Celsia

    Enertis acted as Owner's Engineer for one of the first utility-scale PV plants in Colombia, the Celsia Solar Bolívar PV project. As part of its services, Enertis reviewed the detail engineering of the plant and assigned an in-situ team to supervise the construction and commissioning of the project.