We provide expertise and independent advice along every stage of your project's life cycle.


Consulting & Engineering

Our specialization and experience ensures sustainable solutions for our clients’ complex problems. We pursue excellence by ensuring quality and the continuous improvement of our activities and processes which are accredited by ISO 9001, the world’s most popular standard for quality management standard. Read our Quality Assurance Policy.


  • Policy and regulatory guidance.
  • Feasibility studies, technical and financial
  • Site location and project development support.
  • On-Site solar resource monitoring (weather stations implementation).
  • On-site wind resource measurement
  • Wind & Solar resource and Energy production assessments.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Project cost budgeting .
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA) and interconnection assessment.
  • Pre-due diligence or Red-flag memo .

Planning and Development

  • Permitting support.
  • Wind & Solar resource assessments.
  • Energy production estimates.
  • Vendor qualification.
  • Bankability studies.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) and Terms of Reference (TOR) definition.
  • Engineering, Procurement and construction (EPC) and Operation & Maintenance contracts support.
  • Support for equipment supply agreements (MSA).
  • Quality assurance programs.
  • Technical due diligence / Independent engineering.
  • Owner's engineering.

Implementation and Construction

  • Project engineering.
  • Detailed design / Design and engineering review.
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) management, including technical specification and bid evaluation.
  • Design optimization.
  • Construction and commissioning oversight.
  • Mechanical, substantial and final completion tests.
  • Provisional acceptance and definitive acceptance test.

Operation and Asset Management

  • Asset optimization through full scope PV system analysis (on site / off site).
  • Technical and Performance audits and ad-hoc analysis and reports.
  • Testing, auditing and tuning of monitoring and control systems.
  • Assistance for monitoring system “troubleshooting” and design of ad-hoc solutions.
  • Warranty and performance claim support.
  • Technical verifications for Insurance and plant security incidents management.
  • On-site assistance.
  • Advice/Support during the contract negotiation for acquisition or sale of wind and solar assets.

Advanced Performance Analytics Application

At Enertis, we have a developed our Advanced Performance Analytics Application (A-PAA) tool which enables our technical experts to perform more detailed and faster analysis of the long-term performance of PV Assets. A-PAA provides unique insight using machine learning and data science techniques and supports our consultants’ analysis in order to detect underperformance in order to protect the present and future value of the assets with:

  • Identification of recoverable unavailability and systemic underperformance
  • Detection of periods of Point of Interconnection (POI)/ Point of Common Coupling (PCC)-level and inverter-level downtime and quantify the lost energy
  • Calculation of long-term average annual degradation
  • Calculation of a site-specific daily soiling rate
  • Calculation of realistic soiling losses based on the production data of the asset
  • Calculation of actual AC losses between the inverter and Point of Interconnection (POI)/ Point of Common Coupling (PCC)
  • Interactive visualizations that can show performance from a high-level annual view down to the highest granularity available
  • Direct comparisons to P50, and Weather-Adjusted P50 from both an energy and performance ratio perspective

The Enertis Soiling and Snow Application (TESSA)

This web-based soiling calculator follows the Kimber and Townsend models to accurately estimate the annual loss in power due to dirt, snow, and/or other particle accumulation on the surface of PV modules. Being able to accurately estimate a PV project’s soiling rate allows for practical decision making – like when and how often to schedule cleanings – to maximize the investment rate of return (IRR).

  • Parameters for both snow and dirt
  • Weather datasets up to 20 years pulled from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the State Meteorological Agency (AEMet)
  • Annual, monthly and daily soiling rates
  • Precipitation effects
  • Map view to compare projects with nearby NOAA stations
  • Multi-project viewing to compare portfolios at a glance
  • Non-U.S. clients can utilize the tool with a pre-existing TMY file